Monday, January 30, 2006

Look Thinner

Lisa Kovalovich

Wear a V-neck top
It creates the illusion of a longer neck, which gives you a slimmer overall look.

Go monochromatic
Wear one shade or variations of one shade from head to toe to create a long (read: thinner) line.

Avoid pleated pants
No matter how thin you are, pleated pants add bulk to your middle, making you look larger.

Stick to straight-leg and boot-cut pants
They make legs look trimmer than tapered pants do.

Wear pants on the long side with heels
Cropped pants with flats can make you seem squat. Heels with longer pants have a longer, thinner look.

Go for jackets that fall below the hips
They lengthen and slim your body.

Try A-line skirts
They skim over your hips, smoothing lumps and making you appear more streamlined.

Wear proper undergarments
Too-small bras and panties that pull make lumps under clothes; underwear that fits well gives a smoother, skinnier silhouette.

Avoid baggy clothes
While you may feel like they cover your least favorite spots, baggy clothes actually make you look bigger than you are. Fitted -- not tight -- tops and bottoms create a thinner line.

Pay attention to grooming
The more polished and pulled-together you look, from hair to makeup to nails, the slimmer and prettier you'll appear.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Five Ways to Dress Up Jeans

By Lisa Kovalovich

Do dark denim
Faced, worn-in jeans have a worn-in, weekend feel, while crisp jeans in a dark indigo rinse are a touch more formal and look great with most tops. Also, no rips or excessive fade marks.

Pick a pulled-together cut
For weekends, baggy boyfriend jeans are comfy. But for a night out, try a sleeker silhouette: Bootcut jeans with a low rise. This cut gives you a leaner, more sophisticated line than does a baggier cut.

Add sexy shoes
While weekend jeans are great when accompanied by sneakers or flip-flops, dressed-up jeans call for more dramatic footwear. Sexy, strappy heels lengthen your legs, as long as your jeans are long enough to cover most of the heel. Try a pair with pointed toes and a slender heel for instant chic. Can't deal with heels? A simple pair of ballet flats -- especially in unexpected shades like silver -- gives your jeans Audrey Hepburn appeal.

Top with a dramatic shirt
For nighttime, leave your jeans' usual companion (the trusty T-shirt) at home. Instead, try on a top in a luxe, evening fabric like satin or chiffon, or one adorned with sequins. And go for a sexy cut, like off-the-shoulder shell or a body-skimming halter. A more formal topper adds a dressy feel to your jeans.

Accessorize adeptly
The finishing touches on an evening jeans look? Accessories. Go for the glitz here, adding chandelier earrings or hoops, a bold cocktail ring, or a metallic clutch -- anything more demure (pearls, diamond studs) is too daytime.

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Best Party Dress

A dress is the perfect choice for your holiday celebrations. To help you find the best dress for your body shape.

To Look Thinner Overall: A shift-style dress that hugs your body under your breasts. To look slimmer overall, you want to focus on your already-slim parts. For nearly every woman, that's the area around the ribcage, right under the breasts. Look for a shift with a seam or shirring across this area; the horizontal line the seam or shirring creates will draw the eye to this slim area. Your shift should have a skirt that's cut on a narrow A-line, to skim hips and buttocks. Up top, try a sloping V-neck to add the illusion of width at your shoulders (which will, in turn, make your torso seem even narrower).

To Look Taller: A dress with an empire waist and a fluttery skirt. An empire waist -- one that ends just under your bust, and from which the fabric of the skirt of your dress flows -- draws the eye upward, giving your body the illusion of height. Empire waists can be tricky to wear, though; that's why you want to choose one with a fluttery skirt that's not too full (a full skirt can make you look pregnant) that falls to the knee -- no higher! The skirt should softly show the shape of your hips. Pair with high heels for an even longer, taller effect.

To Create Feminine Curves: A halter dress with a soft bias-cut skirt. Whether you want to play up an already-curvy body or make curves where there usually are none, a halter dress with a bias-cut skirt does it for you. The halter draws the eye upward to your cleavage (it can even help create cleavage if you're lacking -- simply wear a push-up, strapless or convertible bra underneath). And a bias-cut skirt skims and flows over your bottom half, gently rounding out hips and giving the illusion of a curvier derriere.

To Balance Your Wide Shoulders: A dress with ruffled or soft, chiffon short sleeves and a skirt with movement. Wide shoulders call for soft fabric to slightly cover them; leave them bare or topped with spaghetti straps and you'll likely look like a linebacker! Instead, choose a dress with chiffon short sleeves, which will glaze over shoulders and soften their look. Balance your shoulders out on the bottom with a skirt that moves and is not too clingy. A handkerchief skirt or a full skirt cut on the bias will help achieve this look.

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How to Flatter Every Shape

By Lisa Kovalovich

Dress to look your best, no matter what body type you have.
Want to look thinner, taller, curvier, or smaller? No matter what your body type, it's possible! Read on for ten easy clothing solutions that flatter your shape.

1. Flatten a tummy with side-zips.
Pants and skirts that zip and button in front add bulk that you don't need. The flat front of side-zip bottoms gives your belly a sleeker look.

2. Go monochromatic.
A one-color-head-to-toe look is super-slimming -- and that color doesn't have to be black! Cream, charcoal, caramel, and khaki all work just as well, especially for hourglass and full-figured shapes.

3. Create a bustline.
Or at least the illusion of one! If you're small chested, try a top with seams at the bust or shirring front and center. Both add interest to your top half.

4. Skip tapered trousers (unless you're very thin). Pants that taper down to the ankle are hard to pull off, especially if you have ample thighs or hips. Instead, go for straight- or wide-leg pants.

5. Add a skirt with swing. One cut in an A-line shape works well for pear-shaped bodies, as it flares over hips, thighs, and saddlebags. Go knee-length or just below the knee to look current.

6. Watch sweater silhouettes.
It's easy to get caught up in the coziness of a boxy, big sweater, but its look isn't flattering to most figures, especially busty ones. Instead, try a slimmer-cut sweater that drapes over your curves, but still shows off your shape.

7. To look taller, try a jacket.
Contrary to what you may think, a longer (read: hip-length) jacket actually elongates your look, especially when worn with pants and heels. Plus, it's slimming, too!

8. Add shape with the right fabrics.
If you feel you're too thin, add some bulk in a chic way by stocking up on substantial fabrics like cashmere, corduroy, merino wool, and denim. Wear these fabrics in body-conscious cuts so you're adding shape subtly. (Otherwise, you risk looking like you're wearing too-big clothes.)

9. Beware too-short pants.
They cut off your leg, making you look shorter (and in some cases, heavier) than you are. Instead, pick pants that fall to the top of your instep or lower, depending on your heel height.

10. Get curves with a belt.
All sorts of cinchers are in style right now, and a good belt can add curves to even the most boyish bodies. Wear through belt loops with pants, or around the waist of a hip-length sweater.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

You Need To Know!

Your clothes never enter the room before you do! You are known for clothes in the best fabrics, simple style, one good piece of jewellery, genuine leather accessories.

Remember-casual doesn't mean sloppy.
Wear layered coordinates-always pulled together with a vest, blazer, or anorak style jacket.
Head Gear like baseball caps can give many just casual outfits that sporty feel

Arty, funky style always with a twist. you will try the latest trend but adapt it for your figure. You love hats & look terrific in them.

You enjoy clothes that enhance your curves-fluid fabrics, deeper necklines, waist treatments, sensual fabrics like silk, cashmere, slinky knits, & leather.

You love being a woman & enjoy lace touches, soft florals, & pearls.

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